Thursday Survey 2/2/17

It just occurred to me that I missed last Thursday.  :-O  I posted about our design ideas so I supposed that is a pretty interactive post anyway.

This week I want to know your opinion of the State Liquor Authority.

We are traveling to Vietnam February 12-23.  We are driving to and from JFK to save a BOATLOAD on airfare.  I have rented the tiniest car for the drive down but the way back is going to be a little different. We have toyed with the idea of renting a minivan (for the extra $70 bucks or whatever) and stopping in Albany on the way back to grab all sorts of beer that we may not be able to get in the Syracuse area. We were hoping to get some unique beers for the grand opening in March but what it comes down to is:

Do you think the State Of New York will have provided us with our license number by February 23rd? 

We may need it to purchase bulk beer from a shop to sell again at our shop.



3 thoughts on “Thursday Survey 2/2/17

  1. My money is on…. No. I think we will have a lot up in the air while we, too, are up in the air. I think we will have to find a way to be at peace with that and enjoy ourselves. I am hopeful that is not the case, but I’m prepared for a whole lot to do when we return.


  2. Do you have to have a paper license? Can you call the shop and Albany to see if they need your license? Where will you store the beer if you get it and the shop is not ready or you don’t have coolers?


  3. Most of what we will stock, specifically anything we’d be looking for in Albany, will not be stored in the cooler anyway. It would be fine to cellar it for a while until the shop is ready. We’d be looking for whales that won’t be found near us or offered through distribution. Just some goodies to set us apart from the competition a bit. Something people can talk about a bit.


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