Doing Some “Research” In Vietnam

As many of you know, we have been on vacation in Vietnam for the past two weeks. It was an absolutely amazing trip full of rich history, breathtaking landscapes, delectable meals and of course BEER!
We started our trip by drivng down to NYC to visit with family for a night before catching our flight out of JFK. While in NY you can’t pass up a chance to check out a brewery!! Even if you get there super late on a Thursday since we drove through an ice storm.

Totally worth it!

Then we started trying new beers on our Korean Air flights (which are included by the way) They were very light.

In our layover in Korea we tried these two since it was either these or Heineken:

In Hanoi there was a whole heck of a lot of Tiger (which us very light) and Hanoi and Saigon.

On our excursion to Halong bay we brought along one of every beer in the corner store that we had not had before (gotta get those check ins ;-P).  Then we find out that there is no fridge in our cabin on our 12 cabin cruising boat. So sink beers it is! (and it turns out we had already had the Hanoi one but oh well)


We enjoyed some of these on a nice man made beach on one of the islands in Halong bay

After heading back to the city of Hanoi we finally found Halida. It was like tiger but with a lot more flavor! Super exciting!

Then we started doing some hunting to find some more interesting beers on tap and found this place! It was the start of a whole new beer adventure in Vietnam

After Honoi we went to Ho Chi Mihn City and decided to look up some of the places we had heard about.  This is the Pasteur Street Brewing Company menus and they were pretty stinking good!

The Cyclo Imperial Chocolate Stout (not pictured) was killer!

While at Pasteur Street we say that Untapped (the app we used to check in and rate and keep track of all the beers we have tried) said other similar good craft beers were just around the corner! So we headed over to Heart of Darkness.  We thought their beers had a little more to them and that was exciting.  Tried one called Charlies Chocolate Chili Stout that tasted a lot like the Ballast Point Thai Wahoo Chili


On our way back from Heart of Darkness we stopped at another place that advertised craft beer and met the owner of another brewery called Winking Seal.  So naturally we had to check that out the next day 😛 It was good. All pretty light beers for what we are used to for “American Craft Beers” but it is always super hot and sticky in Ho Chi Mihn City so heavy beers probably do not do as well.

While we were on the Mekong Delta we went to a coconut candy “factory” where they also had other interesting items for sale.  I know it isn’t beer but this rice “wine” was so interesting and  so strong that it tastes more like whiskey! And yes, there is a snake in there holding a scorpion in it’s mouth by the tail.

On our layover on the way home we tried a couple other new ones in the Korean airport before going back the Tigers to say farewell.

So we had a lot of beer adventures on our trip and really enjoyed experiencing all of the foreign beer since we stick mostly to American craft while home.



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