Thursday Survey 3/30/17

As most of you know there is a new growler in town… the Crowler and I keep seeing more and more of them. ¬†What I want to know from you guys is:

Do you think the Crowler is a fad or do you think it will stick?

A Crowler system costs almost $3,000. Is it something we should invest in? Or just order the growlers and see how long these jumbo cans last?


After posting this I got actual quotes… more like $7,000 or $8,000 so this will definitely have to wait for us! ūüėõ


Time for Taxes… A Month Ago

Did you know the LLC tax return deadline is now March 15th instead of April 15th?

Me either!!!

I met with an old colleague from public accounting to go over our tax filings for the LLC and Joel and I as sole owners. Kinda funny for a CPA to hire a CPA to do her taxes but Tax and Audit (and even private) are completely different beasts!

It is a funny  degrees of separation situation too! I got a tax contact through our neighbor and broker who got us our life insurance. I talked to that contact early on for some guidance and reached out again for taxes. He is swamped and passed me along to a colleague of his that he trusts and it turns out to be someone I worked with at Fust Charles Chambers! How funny right?!? Anyway, I am glad that I know him and have some level of comfort with him compared to a complete stranger.  Now we just need to get moving since our LLC taxes are late HAHAH


Checking Out Our Options

We met in our shop this morning with two other contractors to discuss other options than the current contractor we have.

After getting the contractor quote last Friday that was more than 3 times we expected we had a lot of work to do. ¬†Through one of my friends we contacted a guy that hasn’t done a project quite this big but thinks he could take it on no problem. ¬†He said bidding on the project would be really hard for him since he has nothing to compare it to in his experience but he can work with whatever budget we give him. The other contractor actually reached out to us. ¬†He said he has been following the blog and loves craft beer so he is a little vested. ¬†Saw that we had some issues with our current contractors estimate and wanted to meet with no strings attached. ¬†He has experience with other companies in the beer industry and seems like a great fit for our build out needs and budget. ¬†He did not seem surprised by the budget we gave him and didn’t think it would be a problem. We hope to hear from him within the week!

It was sort of a baby bear, mama bear and papa bear. I feel like mama bear might be “JUUUUST RIGHT” but I am trying so hard not to get our hopes up.

Side note: I broke up with our current contractors but we still want to try to be friends. I did it via e-mail so I hope that doesn’t upset them into not talking to us again.


Getting Started with the POS

So I have spent some time complaining about the POS but this weekend we decided to get the ball rolling. ¬†We got the iPad and stand out of the box and put together our little register ūüėÄ


It was sort of fun to put it all together but that was as far as we got. We can’t do anything until we watch the 90 minute introductory video from Talech. ¬†We are pretty sure we registered for that video on Sunday but I think we are waiting for a confirmation of date and time. ¬†Sort of silly to me. If it is a video I feel like we should be able to watch whenever.

Anyway, we are taking baby steps here.


POS Lesson

We totally purchased a point of sale (POS) system that is WAY more than we need. I am pretty sure this is a system made to handle a Macy’s or Wegmans not just a mom and pop shop. I actually wish we could return this system since it seems like overkill.

It also doesn’t help that a fellow bottle shop owner offered to sell us their inventory list if we had the same systems.  That would save us TONS of time and effort.  We could just upload their data and it would have almost every beer we could think to sell already in there by the single, by the 6 pack and by the case! :-O

Maybe I could send an e-mail to our Talech contact to see if refunds are accepted  ūüėõ


Gotta Take Emotions Out of It

My husband just gave me this reminder. And I need to keep that in my mind always.

I went to the chiropractor yesterday for the first time in a while (since before our trip to Vietnam) and when you first go in you lay on the adjustment table on your front, they put some wedges under parts of your legs/hips to help realign you and then ¬†you rest. ¬†It is supposed to be a time for just you in this crazy world. A time to settle and to breath deep and clear your mind…. Well this time it had the opposite affect for me. Time to just sit and think put me into a bit of a panic attack.

My last day at my office is now April 13th. ¬†That is 3 weeks away and construction hasn’t started on our build out. A cooler hasn’t been ordered (since the sticker shock was so intense) and that can take up to 3 weeks alone. ¬†Also, if we decide to put the job out to bid since the price tag was so high, that will take weeks!

So…. I will be jobless in 3 and the shop is still 6 away at least… and we can’t afford the build out.

Breath… deep breaths…


Thursday Survey – 3/23/17

As part of digesting this giant estimate from All Wall we are taking the line items and breaking them down a bit.  The second largest line item is the cooler and tap lines.

Do you know anyone that has experience with purchasing a walk in cooler with display doors? 

We want to check out Kammar’s Restaurant Equipment or somewhere similar to look for a better price but we have no idea what we are looking for as far as quality.


Build Out Budget Blow Up

We met with our contractor late last week to finally get some numbers out of him.  Way back when we started this process we had a meeting with our contractor and architect and discussed our budget.  Nothing was said at the time about the amount we discussed and the fact that it may be much too small but when we received the estimate last week it was nearly TRIPLE what we were expecting.

This is part of the reason I have been so quiet on the blog lately – my husband and I are trying hard to digest this, along with other major hits to our progress.

We have brainstormed a bunch and have options we need to pursue. But first we need to get a copy of the itemized expense estimate from the contractor so I can get my hands on it! I want to dig a little deeper! Find out what is driving this cost and how we can save.



We have started working with Kassis Superior Signs to get an estimate for the sign on the front of our building. They were supposed to come out this week to take measurements but I am not sure how that went over with the snow that got dumped on us.

We are looking to do a big metal sign on the front of our space that is lit from behind but I got a phone call from our contact at Township 5 a couple days ago and he said that we could also put a sign on the side of the building that faces the round-about AND a sign on the other back corner of the building that faces Costco!! :-O

Looks like our signage budget might need a little boost!