Thursday Survey 3/2/17 (I know I’m Late)

After finding out that our counter aka point of sale (POS) area of the shop is exactly like that of vine and barrel we are brainstorming.  Our contractor has suggested doing wood on top and a metal base instead of the concrete on top with the wood base.  The wood on top would be whatever wood we want covered in poly so that it is level.  He basically said we could put WHATEVER we want on top and then cover it in poly… like bottle caps, coasters, stickers from breweries, our logo printed on something… the sky is the limit. So my question to you is

What could we bury in polyurethane to make into our counter?

Interesting to hear your thoughts.




8 thoughts on “Thursday Survey 3/2/17 (I know I’m Late)

  1. A little of all of the suggestions you made! You have lots of bottle tops, do you have any labels? I am sure he could raise part of the top to be even with the bottle tops so you could do both! And put your card in there too (both sides of your card)… just as a souvenir!


  2. I’m a minimalist at heart. I’d stick with what the contractor is suggesting.. wood on top, metal on bottom. I’d be worried by doing stickers or bottle caps you’d eventually get sick of them. And I agree, too busy. You’re running a professional business.. you don’t want your countertop to look like a teenager’s skateboard deck. Haha 😉

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  3. If you are keeping it simple and elegant then make sure you have some nice wood! Maybe some black walnut… I know a guy who might cut it for you. The guy that did your slices for your wedding. Hickory?
    How big does the POS need to be? Use the coffee table? hahahaha

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