Boot Camp Support

As I sit here with sinus pressure and pain and the feeling that my head is floating just about a foot above my body slowly bouncing around, I am sad that I will be missing my work out today.

When the news of my career change went “public” at Carrier I had sent a very heartfelt e-mail to my gym rats.  We have a wellness center on our campus and each day there is either spin, boot camp or core class and I have LOVED every one of them. I have really made a family there. We constantly joke and poke fun but we really support each other and push each other to be better. I will miss this so much!!!  I am sure I will think of all of them while I am at the shop doing squats behind the counter of calf raises at the register. They have all shown their interest and support and heartfelt goodbyes already but I hope each and every one of them finds the time to come visit the shop and fill me in on the classes and life in general.

I will miss them a lot.



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