Gotta Take Emotions Out of It

My husband just gave me this reminder. And I need to keep that in my mind always.

I went to the chiropractor yesterday for the first time in a while (since before our trip to Vietnam) and when you first go in you lay on the adjustment table on your front, they put some wedges under parts of your legs/hips to help realign you and then  you rest.  It is supposed to be a time for just you in this crazy world. A time to settle and to breath deep and clear your mind…. Well this time it had the opposite affect for me. Time to just sit and think put me into a bit of a panic attack.

My last day at my office is now April 13th.  That is 3 weeks away and construction hasn’t started on our build out. A cooler hasn’t been ordered (since the sticker shock was so intense) and that can take up to 3 weeks alone.  Also, if we decide to put the job out to bid since the price tag was so high, that will take weeks!

So…. I will be jobless in 3 and the shop is still 6 away at least… and we can’t afford the build out.

Breath… deep breaths…



One thought on “Gotta Take Emotions Out of It

  1. time to find a place away from home to meditate… where you are away from the animals and distractions. If only 15 minutes a day. Can you do that at work somewhere? or in the car in the parking lot when you arrive, at lunch or when you leave?


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