Checking Out Our Options

We met in our shop this morning with two other contractors to discuss other options than the current contractor we have.

After getting the contractor quote last Friday that was more than 3 times we expected we had a lot of work to do.  Through one of my friends we contacted a guy that hasn’t done a project quite this big but thinks he could take it on no problem.  He said bidding on the project would be really hard for him since he has nothing to compare it to in his experience but he can work with whatever budget we give him. The other contractor actually reached out to us.  He said he has been following the blog and loves craft beer so he is a little vested.  Saw that we had some issues with our current contractors estimate and wanted to meet with no strings attached.  He has experience with other companies in the beer industry and seems like a great fit for our build out needs and budget.  He did not seem surprised by the budget we gave him and didn’t think it would be a problem. We hope to hear from him within the week!

It was sort of a baby bear, mama bear and papa bear. I feel like mama bear might be “JUUUUST RIGHT” but I am trying so hard not to get our hopes up.

Side note: I broke up with our current contractors but we still want to try to be friends. I did it via e-mail so I hope that doesn’t upset them into not talking to us again.



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