Thursday Survey 3/30/17

As most of you know there is a new growler in town… the Crowler and I keep seeing more and more of them.  What I want to know from you guys is:

Do you think the Crowler is a fad or do you think it will stick?

A Crowler system costs almost $3,000. Is it something we should invest in? Or just order the growlers and see how long these jumbo cans last?


After posting this I got actual quotes… more like $7,000 or $8,000 so this will definitely have to wait for us! 😛


3 thoughts on “Thursday Survey 3/30/17

  1. I really like the idea . Not that I drink much beer but I always feel like a growler has to drank once its opened cause it’s just gonna go flat (same if the glass chips and you didn’t know). Crowlers makes the beer more portable and useable over time and easier to refrigerate (no I do not have room in my fridge/cooler for your growler haha). However, at this point is a want and not a need but it’s a way to be different down the line


  2. As a bottle shop, my opinion is you don’t need a Crowler machine. I believe they are useful for nano-breweries who do not have canning or bottling capabilities, as it is the only way for the consumer to bring the beer home and have it last longer than a few days. As for a bottle shop, if I want something to drink immediately, I will choose off the growler wall, and if I don’t, then I can just choose from your selection of cans and bottles.

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