Willow Rock Cooler Visit

Over this past weekend Joel and I visited Willow Rock for a beer release. One of the contractors we met with had told us that they were in the process of expanding.  They started their business with the CoolBot system and now they are expanding and getting real coolers so we wanted to know their reasoning to help us make a decision on which we would like to do.

We contacted the owner Rockney before going to the tap room to see if we could ask him some questions and he was super willing to chat. We went over a half hour before they opened and picked his brain for a bit while we got to see what the CoolBot system looks like in action.

His main reason for switching is for humidity control.  They are brewing beer there a many times there are spills in the coolers.  With the CoolBot you are using a standard AC unit and forcing it to run more that it normally would.  This creates much more condensation as well and there is no humidity control on the system.  Rockney said he would totally recommend it for us though.  We would have less spills and he just said to put a drain in the cooler (which we planned on doing anyway) and perhaps leave room for a dehumidifier.

It was really nice to get a first hand look at the CoolBot and some experience.  Rockney was also really nice and said he would answer any other questions we have.  He was very understanding of a start up business and wished he had someone to ask questions of when they were starting.

Oh, and their release of Hoprick, Crumpet and Lies was delectable! They even had an amazing pizza food truck on site!



2 thoughts on “Willow Rock Cooler Visit

  1. the pizza food truck sounds cool! Maybe you could do that when you have tastings and split cost with wine place!
    CoolBot! Is it more up front cost than a cooler?


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