Legal Name Update V (3/22/17)

Joel came up with a new name to chase.  So we gave it to our lawyer to see if there would be any legal issues with this new name. He is not a trademark lawyer but has contacts that are. He said the name is clear for NY but there are two trademarks for the two words we want to use and one of them is for “alcoholic beverages except beer” so I am not sure what that means. Can we still use the name? Is it like Which Craft where if we get our doors open with the name we have concurrent use and they can’t make us change it? Should we contact them and check?  Where are they located? Does that matter?

Also, in the excitement of landing on a second name I purchased websites and paid for a redesign of our logo… so if this trademark holds can I get my money back for that? (I know the answer to this one)

More questions….



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