Legal Name Update VI (3/28/17)

Since finding out that our second name has an alcoholic trademark already affiliated with it we have spent all day trying to think of new names… we are up to 35 crappy possibilities.

While brainstorming, this was our thought process:

Trees have been a theme in our lives and our relationship for many years based on the fact that they continue to grow, mature and get stronger throughout the years, they change and adapt to their surroundings during the different seasons and storms and they have a root system under the surface that is just as large as their branches above the surface and just as important.


These themes are what stemmed our tree logo with the beer bottle to begin with.  When we found out we needed to change names we thought it would be best to keep the logo and just change the words to keep brand recognition so we have stayed close to the tree idea.  From there we tried to think of ideas that were multifaceted with the tree logo and our industry.  We send the 5 names below to our lawyer to check for LLCs and trademarks.


Out on a Limb – the tree connection is obvious but out on a limb is what we are with this business. We are taking a huge risk that the limb won’t break.  Also, when people try new beer it may be adventurous for them and might feel risky so it works in that way too.

Roots and Offshoots – this one is more about the beer.  The roots are the beers you are comfortable with, your go-to beers and our bread and butter for the shop. The offshoots are the exciting beers that catch your eye and may be new to you.

Liquid Limbs – this connects to the limb of our logo that is holding the beer. It also makes us think about how silly your arms and legs can feel when you have a few drinks and the word liquid is like the tree analogy as it is fluid and adaptable.

Craft Roots – this is more basic in that we are rooted in our craft and craft beer is the roots of the beer industry right now

Cans, Caps and Taps – This is just literal. We sell beer by the can, bottle and on tap.


To be continued…




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