Legal Name Update VII (3/29/17)

After sending the 5 new names to our lawyer and getting back that:

Out on a Limb – Trademark by a hard cider company

Roots and Offshoots – clear

Liquid Limbs – clear

Craft Roots – trademarked by Craft Roots Brewing Company (duh)

Cans, Caps and Taps – clear

I discussed this with Joel and found out just how attached he is to the second name we came up with. We went over these 5 and none of them excited him and he really had zero attachment to any of them.  I totally understood and I honestly thought the second one was better than the first.  So, I looked up who had the trademark and found out it was registered in the United Kingdoms with some company that is affiliated with Boston Beer Company.  They also had the contact information of their lawyer on the trademark site and I figured it couldn’t hurt to try.  The worst case is we are right back to where we are now…. looking for a new name.  And if we don’t try, if we don’t at least ask than we will be left wondering for the rest of the life of our business.

I sent an e-mail the lawyer list.

Here’s hoping.



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