Sign Search

I need to get serious about getting a sign for the exterior of our building.  If we want to open within a month we really need a sign and some may take longer than other to make.  Right now I have some estimates from a handful of companies but Joel and I really want something different.  Everyone in the plaza has channel letter and we just wanted to be a little more unique than that.  Having a hard time finding the right fit so far.  But I have a couple companies that have yet to get back to us so here’s hoping.

Also, we found out we can put a sign on all the sides of the building to help people find us when navigating through the plaza.  This is super awesome!!! We can plaster our name all over the building and that will help bring in costumers… but I did not budget for 4 signs!! I budgeted for one and I was low on that estimate just like I have been on every other estimate for this build out.  This means we have to figure out a way to make one sign into 4… hmmm gotta keep thinking on that.



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