Shelves are Up

We got a Wonderful visit with our dear friend Nina and our basically niece Gianna! They got to come to the shop to see how the shelves look now that they have all been put together. Gianna was SO big on that tall counter!


They look great and the colors work really well!!


The two of us in a pic together in the shop!! Thanks Nina


There is a lot of room for beer in here!!! 



Getting artsy with the shots! 


The only problem is that there were 8 set up on the long wall and 5 on the short wall when there should have been 9 and 4. They are working on pulling one of the sets from the short wall over and shifting the 4 remaining ones down a bit to give us some room by the front window for a display.



3 thoughts on “Shelves are Up

  1. Really excited for you to open! Currently, to get craft beers both my partner and I like, we have to travel to the Utica area. Now, you will be just a few miles down the road!

    Good luck with the final touches and hope to be shopping with you soon!

    Ryan & Chris!


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