Shelves – With a Lot of Help

Last week I borrowed our neighbors truck to get plywood for our shelves. I found out  that 84 lumber and Home Depot will not cut plywood for you at all but when I went to Lowes they said they would do basic cuts if need be!!! So I bought them out of all of their 15/32 sanded plywood and had them rip them all in half to make 46 2×8 pieces out of the 23 4×8 pieces.


Then they loaded up the truck and I was off to the shop


After unloading all of the pieces and trying to put them on the shelves we realized we could only use those pieces for the top shelves and would have to cut about 3 inches off the ends of all the rest to get them to fit between the supports.  So we were done for the day and would have to come back another day with sawhorses and the saw to trim them all down.

We tried to come back the next day and found out they were sealing the spots in the floor that got scratched SUPER bad from the shelf delivery.  We didn’t want to run the saw and get all the sawdust in the sealer so we postponed another day.

Finally, on Friday night we got back to the shop with all our tools and trimmed up all the pieces to fit.


At about 7 or 8 we decided to call it a night and check out the wine tasting next door at Vine & Barrel.


After tasting with Matt from Vine & Barrel we went back to the shop to look at all the wood and shelves that now look so good! Pete (the father of one of the owners of Vine & Barrel) stopped in to check out the new shelves.  They used the same company for the shelves and used plywood for the actual shelving too.  He told us that they noticed the supports in the racks don’t actually touch the plywood and their shelves bowed a little when they put some weight on there. He suggested that we add a little luan between the plywood and the 2×6 supports.  He actually gave us a piece of what they used so we could use that and then find more if we needed it. Aren’t they just super nice?!?!

We planned to go back Saturday anyway to do some cleaning, mount the TV, and possibly  get more plywood for the end caps so we decided to call in some reinforcements.


Dad and I went to Lowes to get the 42 inch wide plywood for the shelves in the back-of-house along with screws and bracers to build some shelves under the counter and some other small things. While we were there, mom cleaned the bathroom for us and Joel cut almost all of the luan pieces. Then Joel and dad went around and put all the luan in place and screwed the plywood, luan and supports together to prevent the shelves from moving when inventory is put on or off the shelves. Mom and I tried to mount the TV for a few hours and then called it quits when we couldn’t find a stud (turns out they are metal and we can’t just mount it like normal anyway).  We then changed gears and ended up making 2 shelves in the counter for the cash drawer and the receipt printer/anything else we need to put behind the counter. That was a lot of fun!


There were a few other things that got done too so all in all it was a super productive day!! And we got to do another wine tasting at Vine & Barrel for a little break before cleaning up and going home.

We were pretty darn pooped by the time we headed home for dinner but I am super glad we had all the help!!


Thanks mom and dad!!!



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