Shop Dog

While we were mounting our TV this weekend we also brought Barley to the shop for his maiden voyage!


We all went to Lowe’s together and then he was such a patient boy with all of our putsing around.


We even left the door open to see if anyone would peak their heads in.  Most of the time he just laid in the sun by the door (although one time he did bark and we had to let him know that was not what we are going to do here).


And when we were all done we stopped over to Vine & Barrel to say hi and he was super chill.  I am pretty sure we are going to end up taking turns with him 😛


Cheers!! To a happy pup!


3 thoughts on “Shop Dog

  1. He will be a great addition to the shop! I am sure most people will enjoy him and he can always go behind the counter if they don’t! Keep him by your side!

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