Financing’s Final Stage.

We are back on track with financing and making some progress again. I feel like for a while we were just stagnant and I was sending e-mails or calling daily to see if there was any news.  Now it looks like we are closing Monday at 2pm.

By the end of signing our business away (our first born of course) we will walk out of there with a bank certified check to pay the contractor bill, the remaining balance of the C license and the other half of the cooler we still have to pay for.

After those checks we will only have a few things here and there (grocery bags, rugs, office organizing items, maybe a chrome cast, security cameras) and INVENTORY!!!

The plan is to get the check for the liquor license Monday at close. Since the seller’s lawyer’s office is closed Tuesday I am going to drive out to Rochester Wednesday, hand them the check and then drive to Buffalo to get the license that is in safe holding.  After that I am not sure what is next…. I may have to drive to Albany to get it in our name!!! :-O

LOTS of driving but it is all better than mailing all of those components and waiting.

I will, of course keep you update.



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