Sorry I have been so insanely quiet lately. The shop is in full force and we are spending every second here to get things ready to go by August 4th.

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First Delivery

This is all happening so fast I feel like I can’t keep up with it here on the blog.

OK, here is a huge highlight!! We got our first delivery!!!! TJ Sheehan came through for us and dropped off our very first shipment!!


It was super exciting to see 4 pallets roll out of the truck and coming for us. And look at the size of that receipt!! :-O


And then we got to put it all “away” which really means that we put them on the shelves alphabetically still in their cases hahaha


When we get them into our inventory system we will brake apart all of the cases. Stack 3 six packs in a row and then brake one six pack down to singles to be sold separately.

Today we have Onondaga Beverage delivery and out of the blue we found a 5th distributor out of Rochester and they are actually delivering today :-O  Crazy stuff happening over here! My head is just spinning!

Got a lot of work to do!



Sign Install!!

Friday was the day that this bad boy came rolling past our door! HUGE!! I saw it go by on the truck from the back of the shop and I was in shock.  I thought there was no way that was going to fit in our space.


Joel had to miss the delivery but I was super stocked to get to be at the shop to witness it all.


Up close and personal!! Look how thin it is


It looked surprisingly light for what I anticipated 


Just 2 guys. On on the crane and one in the bucket

They took the face plate off of the whole thing to make sure the lights worked. (It looks small with barley in the foreground but I assure you, it is not!)


Getting the lights to work was a hoot. There is a light switch right by where you would think the sign electric is. It does nothing. So that threw us for a bit and then the timer in the back was not set on the right time and then something else happened that I didn’t understand but they got it all working and they could put our logo on it!!


Joel made it just in time to see this part which made me really happy!

Barley was less than impressed…. Actually all the machines made him a little nervous but I think it was a healthy stress to get him used to some of the ciaos that may be going on at the shop.


This is where I stood for 90% of the install just watching in amazement.

And here it is all done!!!



Now we just have to get the other 3 around the sides of the buildings and EVERYONE will be able to find us!! 😀

Super jazzed!!!


Shop Projects – Tasting Cart

Another idea out of the mind of Joel was this tasting cart / display shelf. It would be two carts on wheels that are hinged together. So we could open them up side by side to make a bar type space for a brewery to come in and do tastings or we could swing them shut and have a more square closed off counter that we can used for display in our shop.

We started out with making the frame.


Even though the wood is very stable as you can see below it is pretty warped too.


Then we used even more plywood to make the walls, top and bottom.


I finally got to use the drill HAHA


Walls on!


Top and bottom on!


We added a boarder to the top and bottom as well

Next is the fun part! We will be making a bottle cap mosaic on the top and sealing it up!! :-O Stay tuned!


Shop Projects – Security and Growler Shelves

As we wait for our license to get approved and then transferred, we have been working on projects around the shop.

We installed our security system

We knew we needed some shelves behind the counter to put our growlers on and we wanted them to be super cool so we (Joel) came up with this cool “Russian Nesting shelves” idea where we use real logs and make 3 shelves that sort of fit together. We started by cutting our longest logs on both ends with a miter saw…. turns out it is very hard to get a log to lay on a miter saw evenly both times so we ended up with logs that would stand on their own against the floor but then had all sorts of issues at the top where we wanted to connect the shelf.


Took us a couple days of thinking and moving on to other projects and coming back to it to come up with this little guy.


We would cut the log as level as we could by sight then make sure it stood up on it’s own on the floor. Then we would bring it out to the saw and put that flat side against the bumper so that the whole cut was flush with the bumper and cut the other end where ever it was!!! IT WORKED!! Well at least it worked well enough 😛

And then we got our growlers on there and it looks AWESOME!! So stoked!!


Next on our list is to make what we are calling a tasting cart… It is by far not necessary but a really fun project that has had it’s own ups and downs. I will post that soon.


C License Update

I waited for a call back from the lawyer until about 3pm in Buffalo and then headed home and continued to try his office.

He did finally call me back and I explained that the SLA told me the license they sold us (for a very large amount of money) has expired and is no good.

We got off the phone rather quickly so he could do some research. He called me back after talking with the SLA himself to tell me that it is not expired.  The state of New York is just behind in paperwork and we will not lose the license. Just in case you didn’t know, once these C licenses expire that is it. They are done for good and the state doesn’t issue them anymore… they are on the endangered species list 😛

So here is where we stand: I have talked to the seller’s lawyer, I have contacted the SLA myself and I have asked my SLA consultant to look into expediting this process. I know it is just a form that the seller submitted but the SLA says they are backed up and processing anything can take a while. WHAT ARE THEY DOING OVER THERE?!?!? DON’T THEY KNOW MY BUSINESS NEEDS THIS TO OPEN!?!?!

Ok… I guess I could stop thinking so egocentrically, but right now it seems appropriate.

All we need now is the license to be renewed. We have the rest of the documentation.  And I have started making up orders for our 4 distributors! I want to order by next week AT THE LATEST!!

But I guess that is all up to the State of New York.


More SLA Trouble

Today I drove to Rochester to pay for our liquor license. I then picked up a form to take the State Liquor Authority (SLA) for zone 2 which is in Buffalo.  I get there with the form and find out we would also need a letter from the seller saying that they are surrendering the license to us…. but before we can even get that far the SLA tells me that the license that is listed on the form I brought has actually expired….

I am trying not to panic.

Left a voicemail for the lawyer of the seller since he is on lunch.

at “Big Ditch Brewing Company” right around the corner (saw it when I parked the car) to wait for a call back from the lawyer.


Label Whoas

I have ordered labels twice now from Amazon.  The description says 2×4 inches but both times they came at about 1×3.  I wanted to make that work but It just doesn’t seem big enough when we print off a template with all the info we want on there. I guess I am going to have to spend the extra money and get the label holders from some where besides Amazon. Let’s just hope they get here fast!

OH! And trying to return the Amazon purchases has been the worst experience yet with Amazon.  Right now I have 3 packages on my porch ready for pick up. One day the UPS guy came while we must have been gone and left 3 labels for them and then never came back.  WHY THE HECK DIDN’T HE JUST PICK THEM UP!!

Anyway… I will have to call Amazon again to get it sorted out.