C License Update

I waited for a call back from the lawyer until about 3pm in Buffalo and then headed home and continued to try his office.

He did finally call me back and I explained that the SLA told me the license they sold us (for a very large amount of money) has expired and is no good.

We got off the phone rather quickly so he could do some research. He called me back after talking with the SLA himself to tell me that it is not expired.  The state of New York is just behind in paperwork and we will not lose the license. Just in case you didn’t know, once these C licenses expire that is it. They are done for good and the state doesn’t issue them anymore… they are on the endangered species list 😛

So here is where we stand: I have talked to the seller’s lawyer, I have contacted the SLA myself and I have asked my SLA consultant to look into expediting this process. I know it is just a form that the seller submitted but the SLA says they are backed up and processing anything can take a while. WHAT ARE THEY DOING OVER THERE?!?!? DON’T THEY KNOW MY BUSINESS NEEDS THIS TO OPEN!?!?!

Ok… I guess I could stop thinking so egocentrically, but right now it seems appropriate.

All we need now is the license to be renewed. We have the rest of the documentation.  And I have started making up orders for our 4 distributors! I want to order by next week AT THE LATEST!!

But I guess that is all up to the State of New York.



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