Shop Projects – Security and Growler Shelves

As we wait for our license to get approved and then transferred, we have been working on projects around the shop.

We installed our security system

We knew we needed some shelves behind the counter to put our growlers on and we wanted them to be super cool so we (Joel) came up with this cool “Russian Nesting shelves” idea where we use real logs and make 3 shelves that sort of fit together. We started by cutting our longest logs on both ends with a miter saw…. turns out it is very hard to get a log to lay on a miter saw evenly both times so we ended up with logs that would stand on their own against the floor but then had all sorts of issues at the top where we wanted to connect the shelf.


Took us a couple days of thinking and moving on to other projects and coming back to it to come up with this little guy.


We would cut the log as level as we could by sight then make sure it stood up on it’s own on the floor. Then we would bring it out to the saw and put that flat side against the bumper so that the whole cut was flush with the bumper and cut the other end where ever it was!!! IT WORKED!! Well at least it worked well enough 😛

And then we got our growlers on there and it looks AWESOME!! So stoked!!


Next on our list is to make what we are calling a tasting cart… It is by far not necessary but a really fun project that has had it’s own ups and downs. I will post that soon.



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