Sign Install!!

Friday was the day that this bad boy came rolling past our door! HUGE!! I saw it go by on the truck from the back of the shop and I was in shock.  I thought there was no way that was going to fit in our space.


Joel had to miss the delivery but I was super stocked to get to be at the shop to witness it all.


Up close and personal!! Look how thin it is


It looked surprisingly light for what I anticipated 


Just 2 guys. On on the crane and one in the bucket

They took the face plate off of the whole thing to make sure the lights worked. (It looks small with barley in the foreground but I assure you, it is not!)


Getting the lights to work was a hoot. There is a light switch right by where you would think the sign electric is. It does nothing. So that threw us for a bit and then the timer in the back was not set on the right time and then something else happened that I didn’t understand but they got it all working and they could put our logo on it!!


Joel made it just in time to see this part which made me really happy!

Barley was less than impressed…. Actually all the machines made him a little nervous but I think it was a healthy stress to get him used to some of the ciaos that may be going on at the shop.


This is where I stood for 90% of the install just watching in amazement.

And here it is all done!!!



Now we just have to get the other 3 around the sides of the buildings and EVERYONE will be able to find us!! 😀

Super jazzed!!!



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