First Delivery

This is all happening so fast I feel like I can’t keep up with it here on the blog.

OK, here is a huge highlight!! We got our first delivery!!!! TJ Sheehan came through for us and dropped off our very first shipment!!


It was super exciting to see 4 pallets roll out of the truck and coming for us. And look at the size of that receipt!! :-O


And then we got to put it all “away” which really means that we put them on the shelves alphabetically still in their cases hahaha


When we get them into our inventory system we will brake apart all of the cases. Stack 3 six packs in a row and then brake one six pack down to singles to be sold separately.

Today we have Onondaga Beverage delivery and out of the blue we found a 5th distributor out of Rochester and they are actually delivering today :-O  Crazy stuff happening over here! My head is just spinning!

Got a lot of work to do!




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